MAN employees enjoy a creative and dynamic corporate culture featuring a variety of exciting projects and topics. We recruit talented staff and experienced managers and help them to develop while they reap the benefits of a diverse working environment.

At MAN, you will add a little extra power to the global engine on a daily basis

MAN products and services are the best in the world. To ensure that we can continue to rival our competitors in future, every MAN employee makes a valuable contribution and adds a little more power to the global engine. As a company and employer, we firmly believe in innovation and sustainability. Our market success has been achieved with social and ecological responsibility in mind.

In keeping with MAN’s status as an attractive employer and keen innovator, we offer an array of challenging assignment areas with a high level of responsibility and countless options for personal development for school pupils, students, graduates and those with professional experience.


School pupils

By training at MAN, school pupils can develop a solid basis for a successful future career. As a trainee, you will have access to the latest technology and experienced specialists as you undergo in-depth preparation for your future career.

We also offer school leavers plenty of opportunities to complete an internship in order to gain valuable insights into our apprenticeships, and to develop a complete understanding of our training requirements.

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Students can experience a wide range of exciting projects and topics at MAN, all designed to combine theoretical knowledge with practical experience in an international environment – including options for writing theses.

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Where better to start your career than in the birthplace of the diesel engine? MAN is continuously seeking graduates who, in addition to having a very good university degree, have already demonstrated their technical and social skills during their first practical job or on study trips in Germany and abroad.

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Since MAN was established over 250 years ago, our employees have been adding more power to the global engine on a daily basis. Our managers work in a range of areas with numerous opportunities to apply their knowledge and experience with a high level of commitment.

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