MAN TGL in distribution transport

More kilometres, fewer litres

Anyone who wants to get ahead in distribution transport needs a drive that saves fuel while maintaining a high output. The high-torque MAN Common Rail engines impress with their optimum torque curve, low consumption and long maintenance intervals. The powerful and environmentally friendly Euro 6 four- and six-cylinder in-line engines in the D08 series from 110 kW (150 HP) to 184 kW (250 HP) run practically pollution-free.

  Displacement Euro 6
D0834 CR 4.5 l  
110 kW (150 HP), 570 Nm   X
132 kW (180 HP), 700 Nm   X
162 kW (220 HP), 850 Nm   X
D0836 CR 6.9 l  
184 kW (250 HP), 1,000 Nm   X

Tried-and-tested technology for ultimate reliability

The Euro 6 exhaust-gas standard has come into force with 1st January 2014 for all trucks newly registered in Europe. MAN has incorporated its entire engineering expertise into the development of the Euro 6 engine to satisfy this demanding standard. MAN has already successfully been using the key Common Rail, exhaust-gas recirculation (EGR), selective catalytic reduction and diesel particle filter (DPF/CRT) technologies for many years in its series production. These fully developed technologies were combined and optimally tuned to one another for Euro 6. The result: Euro 6 versions of MAN engines are among the most consumption-efficient units in the competitive market.

Gearbox – how efficiency gets into gear

For even more efficient driving, the MAN TipMatic® semi-automatic gearbox is available as an option. With automatic or manual operation by means of the touch-action lever on the steering wheel, the driver is not distracted and can fully concentrate on the road. If the engine brake is actuated, the gearbox selects the most appropriate gear automatically to provide full braking power. Thanks to the sophisticated gear shifting concept, the MAN TipMatic® is also extremely economical, as it reduces fuel consumption and prevents damage to the powertrain.

The integrated MAN EasyStart starting aid, which automatically sustains the brake pressure when the brake pedal is released until the driver presses the accelerator, also helps to take the pressure off the driver. The MAN TipMatic® is offered as a six-speed version for four-cylinder engines and a twelve-speed version for six-cylinder engines. Easy-to-operate manual gearboxes are also available with six and nine gears.

Maximum stability, minimum weight

The Euro standard has changed, but the body-mounting capability has stayed the same. In the Euro 6 version, the MAN frame design continues to offer economical body solutions with full utilisation of the loading length. The frame concept with its even top frame edge makes it particularly easy to attach superstructures both quickly and cost-efficiently, without having to drill holes and compromise corrosion protection.

The free space on the frame and the KSM interface for external data exchange also give the frame an ideal body-mounting capability. Specific frame add-ons for numerous superstructures are available ex works.

Whatever the superstructure, the handling of the MAN TGL distribution truck is excellent. This is facilitated by the low-friction and low-noise hypoid axles, as well as the sophisticated chassis. In addition to the tried-and-tested parabolic leaf springs, the air suspension with ECAS electronic control delivers a high level of driving comfort and stability. The level can also be adjusted to different loading ramp heights by means of a manual control unit.

The advantages: