MAN TGM on the building site

Transport efficiency: Programme for efficient and sustainable mobility

Those working in the transport business today are working on difficult terrain. This is particularly true when the vehicles need to be used not only on the road but on unpaved and off-road routes, for example in building site traffic and public utilities, in fire and civil protection, in agriculture and forestry. MAN can provide the right trucks for all of these tasks with innovative technology, cutting edge economy and the key advantage of heavy-duty capability.

The MAN TGM – entering the MAN efficiency class.

MAN commercial vehicle engines are extremely efficient and environmentally friendly thanks to consistent application of state-of-the-art technology. Their output ranges between 150 and 480 HP. The Common Rail high-pressure injection system, turbocharging, exhaust gas after-treatment tailored to individual requirements and high-strength lightweight materials used in all MAN diesel engines make them extremely efficient. Reliable and future-proof power units through more than 100 years of diesel competence.

The MAN TipMatic® semi-automatic manual gearbox always uses the engine speed that is most efficient in terms of consumption during travel. In long-haul transport, an average saving of approx. 4.5 percent can be achieved in this way. With an optimum gear shifting strategy and direct drive versions, the gearbox can generate fleet consumption savings of 0.6 l/100 km.

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MAN service agreements make the maintenance costs of every truck transparent. Haulage companies therefore have a solid and dependable basis for calculating their costs – per kilometre down to the last Euro cent.

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With MAN Finance FullService leasing, the truck runs efficiently from the very first kilometre. Users are only billed for their actual usage; MAN assumes the cost of repairs and maintenance.

MAN TeleMatics® is the efficient solution for fleet management and logistics. The system enables vehicles to be used economically and makes transport processes transparent. Dispatchers, fleet managers and drivers all benefit from the telematics system; detailed information about vehicle locations, remaining driving times, maintenance requirements, jobs and journeys results in fewer unloaded journeys and shorter downtimes. This improves planning reliability and reduces administrative requirements for the company owner. The automatic tacho data and driver card download also guarantee "over the air" transparency. The driver and vehicle deployment analyses, which are available at the push of a button, provide the basis for ensuring economical driving and subsequent training programmes.

MAN Telematics®