MAN TGM on the building site

MAN TGM – the all-rounder among the heavyweights

It is the benchmark in medium heavy-duty transport. With tonnages between 13 and 26 tons and a first-class payload, the MAN TGM provides economic transport solutions in construction industries.

With high-torque Euro 6 engines from 184 kW (250 HP) to 250 kW (340 HP) and axle configurations of 4x4 to 6x4, the new MAN TGM brings a high payload and efficient transport performance to the road and the building site. The completely redesigned crew cab extends the range of cabs. C and L cabs are available in addition to the crew cab.

There are various details that tip the balance in favour of the MAN TGM. The main one is the impressive torque curve of the modern Euro 6 Common Rail engines with exhaust-gas recirculation and diesel particle filter. This enables you to drive economically and with the minimum number of gear shifts, which in turn results in excellent consumption properties thanks to the perfectly coordinated technical features. The frame design also guarantees maximum economy, thanks to its high stability and loading capacity together with a light weight.

Even though the MAN TGM weighs less, it can still hold a heavy load. The 18 tonner in the TGM series has an extremely low unladen weight and has the best payload in its class. The 13 and 18 tonners are always the first choice for heavy-duty transport. Thanks to their all-wheel drive and air suspension on the rear axle, they are extremely versatile and easy to manoeuvre. For ultimate power and endurance, the 22 and 26 tonners from the TGM series are the obvious choice.

The MAN TGM is characterised by its body-mounting capability. The sophisticated frame concept has a consistently even top frame edge and a practical hole pattern. This means that superstructures can be mounted on the chassis quickly, easily and cost-effectively, without the need to drill holes and compromise corrosion protection. What's more, thanks to MAN Tronic (the electronics structure based on CAN bus technology) and the interface for external data exchange (KSM), the MAN TGM is equipped for a vast range of vehicle and superstructure functions.

The TGM can be used for a wide range of jobs on the building site. It can be configured as an easy-to-manoeuvre three-way loading crane or set-down skip loader, as a solo vehicle for building sites or as a transport mixer. The MAN TGM is the perfect all-rounder for the most diverse requirements.