MAN TGM on the building site

Reliable safety

In order to maximise safety, you must first minimise risks. As such, the MAN trucks have innovative technologies on board to make the driver's day-to-day work as safe as possible.

Safety components of the MAN TGM*

The electronic stability program (ESP) constantly monitors the dynamic status of the vehicle and then automatically calls on the engine management and brake system to intervene if the truck threatens to tip over or skid.

Compensatory braking with ESP when the towing vehicle is understeered
Compensatory braking with ESP when the towing vehicle is oversteered
Compensatory braking with ESP prevents articulated vehicles from overturning or veering off course (jackknifing).

Further information on the electronic stability program

The intelligent MAN BrakeMatic® system, together with the Electronic Braking System (EBS) and anti-lock braking system (ABS) provide superior braking characteristics.

A further safety system is available for the new TG vehicles from MAN: The EBA (Emergency Brake Assist). Statistics show that rear-end collisions occur frequently at the tail ends of traffic jams on motorways. When driving in dense traffic, the driver's view to the front is restricted, and hazard braking manoeuvres by the vehicles in front are often noticed too late. The aim of the assistant is to prevent, or at least reduce, the seriousness of rear-end collisions in these situations.

EBA responds to both the vehicles in front and stationary obstacles. If it detects a risk of collision and the driver does not respond to the warnings issued, the EBA initiates emergency braking.

Further information on MAN BrakeMatic®

The hill-climb brake helps to make pulling away on hills easier. During the time when the foot moves from the brake pedal to the accelerator, a switch activation keeps the brake pressure constant and prevents rolling back.


* This is a selection from our portfolio. Detailed information can be obtained from your sales representative.