MAN TGS in distribution transport

The MAN TGS – more efficiency in distribution transport

The specialist among the distribution trucks. The MAN TGS is in continuous operation in numerous transport sectors. Whether it's drinks, recently cut timber or bricks – it delivers any heavy load to its destination. This makes it a prototype for the perfect all-rounder. Thanks to its powerful engines, unrivalled payload and unique ergonomics, it is tailor-made for special tasks. It is also extremely robust, economical and safe – the perfect solution for your fleet.

Whether as a two-, three- or four-axle vehicle, the MAN TGS can take on any type of job, and do it well. It can be tailored to your individual tasks and requirements in drinks logistics, refrigerated transport, the waste disposal industry, building site traffic, timber transport, the fire brigade or hazardous materials transport. A steered lifting trailing axle ensures a high level of flexibility in MAN TGS distribution transport.

The TGS-TS sets previously unrivalled standards in the payload-intensive tank and silo industries. With its weight-optimised equipment features, it is extremely lightweight, which means that it can hold a greater load. The 4x2 tractor, ideally equipped for the task in hand, weighs around 360 kg less than a standard semitrailer tractor with the same equipment features, which represents a considerable advantage when it comes to payload.

The MAN TGS proves better than any other that less can be more. Less fuel, more power – this is the motto of the high-torque Common Rail engines, which combine high dynamics with low fuel consumption. Less effort, greater effect – the MAN TipMatic® automatic gear shift system takes the pressure off the driver, prevents damage to the powertrain and saves diesel.

The twelve-speed MAN TipMatic® semi-automatic gearbox creates a perfect synthesis of comfort and efficiency. It can be operated effortlessly, either fully automatically or manually using a touch-action lever on the steering wheel. The clutch pedal and the gear stick have been removed. The driver is not distracted and can fully concentrate on the road.

The MAN TGS is a powerful truck whatever the task and impresses in all applications with its considerable engine power. The innovative D20 and D26 engines with power ratings from 235 kW (320 HP) to 353 kW (480 HP) in Euro 6 move more than just wheels. When combined, the high-torque engines, the semi-automatic MAN TipMatic® gearbox with on-road and off-road gears and the MAN PriTarder® guarantee a powerful performance.

The unique MAN PriTarder® provides an extremely high braking output of 600 kW, even at a low driving speed, thereby increasing driving safety – a particular advantage in heavy-duty distribution transport, on the building site and on gradients. The MAN PriTarder® can handle up to 90 percent of all braking operations.