MAN TGX in long-haul transport

Transport efficiency: Programme for efficient and sustainable mobility


Efficient economy needs smooth-running mobility. In order to preserve valuable energy resources, commercial vehicles must be as fuel-efficient as possible. MAN Truck & Bus goes beyond simple fuel efficiency and offers its customers a comprehensive programme for reducing the total cost of ownership, both consistently and efficiently.

MAN commercial vehicle engines are extremely efficient and environmentally friendly thanks to consistent application of state-of-the-art technology. The Common Rail high-pressure injection system, turbocharging, exhaust gas after-treatment tailored to individual requirements and high-strength lightweight materials used in all MAN diesel engines make them extremely efficient. Reliable and future-proof power units through more than 100 years of diesel competence.

The new, heavy-duty series impresses with its consistent lightweight construction, which only increases the system weight by just under 200 kg in the case of Euro 6. It has even been possible to extend the previous payload advantage of the TGX long-haul transport vehicles in comparison with Euro 6 competitors.

The changes to the front of the vehicle are not only visually impressive; they also meet the technical requirements of the Euro 6 standard. The modifications have resulted in improved aerodynamics as well as a greater flow of air through the vehicle cooler. The wide-open wind deflectors with integrated air conduits optimise the air flow around the sides. The cooling air inlets on the front of the vehicle have been enlarged to maximise the incoming air flow cross-section and therefore to increase the engine cooling performance.

The air conduit at the radiator grille has also been optimised for a more even air flow underneath the vehicle. Aerodynamic optimisations to the A-pillars, wind deflectors and bumpers minimise fuel consumption. The overall improved aerodynamics therefore make an important contribution to ensuring that even for Euro 6, there is no increased fuel consumption.

MAN TeleMatics® is the efficient solution for fleet management and logistics. The system enables vehicles to be used economically and makes transport processes transparent. Dispatchers, fleet managers and drivers all benefit from the telematics system; detailed information about vehicle locations, remaining driving times, maintenance requirements, jobs and journeys results in fewer unloaded journeys and shorter downtimes. This improves planning reliability and reduces administrative requirements for the company owner. The automatic tacho data and driver card download also guarantee "over the air" transparency. The driver and vehicle deployment analyses, which are available at the push of a button, provide the basis for ensuring economical driving and subsequent training programmes.

Further information on MAN TeleMatics®

The GPS-controlled cruise control MAN EfficientCruise® uses saved map material to detect upward and downward gradients in the route ahead. The truck thus drives automatically with special foresight, i.e. it can build up momentum in a targeted manner before an upward gradient and, at the end of the gradient, can coast over the hilltop at reduced speed. The use of MAN EfficientCruise® in long-haul or distribution transport can reduce the fuel consumption by up to 6% - without time loss in transit.

Further information on MAN EfficientCruise®

EfficientLine packages are available for various 4x2 and 6x2 types with leaf and air suspension and full air suspension in the MAN TGX and TGS series – as well as the Ultra variant for maximum load capacity in the semitrailer and/or body. You can select various engine performance levels between 320 HP1 and 480 HP. With the EfficientLine packages, you benefit from greatly reduced fuel consumption and attractive financial savings.

The EfficientLine 2 package with MAN EfficientCruise® is now available. The EfficientRoll (sail function) has also been added to the existing EfficientLine package. The two features cannot be combined at present.

The EfficientLine 2 packages:

  • MAN TipMatic® 2 Fleet or Profi
  • New alternator Longlife Eco
  • 85 km/h speed limiter
  • Daytime driving lights
  • Aluminium air reservoirs (not available for all versions)
  • Without spare wheel bracket
  • Air Pressure Management
  • EfficientRoll ("sailing" function)2, not available in combination with EfficientCruise
  • EfficientCruise2 3, not available in combination with EfficientRoll
  • All variants are available with and without the Aero package

1 320 HP only for TGS
2 Availability depending on package
3 Available with TipMatic® 2

* This is a selection from our portfolio. Detailed information can be obtained from your sales representative.