MAN TGX in long-haul transport

MAN TGX – the ideal solution for long-haul transport

In national and international long-haul transport, efficiency and productivity are the key factors that will enable you to succeed in the global competition. The MAN TGX long-haul transport vehicle sets new standards in heavy-duty series and meets the most stringent requirements for comfort, economy and dynamics. Discover the MAN TGX and reach your destinations with increased safety, speed and efficiency.

On-time deliveries, every time. The MAN TGX is the partner you can count on. In addition to reduced consumption values, the modern Common Rail engines also guarantee a longer service life. The MAN TGX long-haul transport vehicle is truly outstanding, with perfectly coordinated technical features, which can also achieve the same excellent Euro 5 consumption values in the Euro 6 version. Furthermore, and despite being upgraded to Euro 6, the truck has the same service life and comparable maintenance and service costs.

The perfect framework for a long-lasting friendship. The MAN TGX frame is made from high-strength fine-grained steel. This gives it a particularly high bending strength and is lightweight. This in turn improves its body-mounting capability. MAN offers a wide range of configurations with various wheelbases and fifth-wheel heights as well as variable Euro and high-volume trailers. Thanks to the narrow hole pattern, extensions and conversions can be carried out quickly and therefore economically, without having to drill additional holes.

On the road throughout the world, at home in the MAN TGX. The MAN TGX cabs, which are available in sizes XXL, XLX and XL, have everything you need for maximum living comfort and space. From the optimum standing height to the high-quality beds with slatted frame and multi-zone cold foam mattress, right up to the 200 litre storage compartment for your belongings, the room concept of the MAN TGX is tailored perfectly to the needs of the driver. This includes a high-quality infotainment system, an optimised air-conditioning system and a cool box with folding table.

Maximum output with minimum consumption. The MAN TGX meets this challenge with its unbeatable efficiency. To ensure that consumption does not increase with the introduction of Euro 6, MAN has improved the aerodynamics and the design of this long-haul vehicle. With its consistently lightweight design, the system weight of the truck has only increased by just under 200 kg. This has further extended the payload advantage over the competition in Euro 6. The fuel consumption of the six-cylinder engine with cooled exhaust-gas recirculation, particle filter, SCR and a very long service life is also unrivalled. The extended rear axle also helps to save fuel.