MAN TGX in long-haul transport

Efficiency needs a strong drive

In long-haul transport, you have to give it your all – but not when it comes to fuel. As fuel costs generally account for around a third of the total ownership costs, there are many savings to be made by using efficient engines: after all, the innovative engines from MAN get more kilometres out of every litre of fuel.

New combination of tried-and-tested engine technology

  • The selection includes the six-cylinder Common Rail engines D20 and D26 with 360 to 480 HP in Euro 6 as well as the new six-cylinder inline D38 with 520, 560 or 640 HP* in Euro 6.
  • The Common Rail injection system reduces the generation of particles in the engine.
  • The exhaust-gas recirculation (EGR) reduces nitrogen oxides in the engine.
  • The two-stage turbocharging optimises engine tuning in the Euro 6 version. This improves the exhaust gas values across a wide speed range.
  • The low-temperature cooling system with its own dedicated circuit makes charge-air cooling more effective in the Euro 6 version. Due to the increased heat input through the EGR and the two-stage turbocharging, the charge air needs to be re-cooled to a greater extent.
  • The electronic "TopTorque" torque enhancer function allows the D26 engine's powertrain manager to make 200 Nm more torque available in the two top gears 11 and 12.
  Displacement Euro 6
D2066 10.5 l  
265 kW (360 HP), 1,800 Nm   X
D2676 12.4 l  
294 kW (400 HP), 1,900 Nm   X
324 kW (440 HP), 2,100 Nm   X
353 kW (480 HP), 2,300 Nm   X
D3876 15.2 l  
382 kW (520 HP), 2,500 Nm   X
412 kW (560 HP), 2,700 Nm   X
471 kW (640 HP*), 3,000 Nm   X

Since the 1st of January 2014, the exhaust-gas standard Euro 6 applies to all newly registered trucks in Europe. To comply with this demanding standard, MAN invested its entire engineering skills in the development of the Euro 6 engines. MAN has already successfully been using the key Common Rail, exhaust-gas recirculation (EGR), selective catalytic reduction and diesel particle filter (DPF/CRT) technologies for many years in its series production. For Euro 6, MAN has combined these sophisticated technologies and coordinated them perfectly. The result: The Euro 6 versions of MAN engines are also the most consumption-efficient units in the competitive market.

Gearbox – how efficiency gets into gear

With the MAN TGX, you can choose between first-class alternatives: the manual gearbox with 16 gears and the servo shift system for easier shifting and a shorter shifting distance, available as an Overdrive or Direct Drive version. The MAN ComfortShift system can also be installed. This enables the clutch to be operated with a button on the gear stick while driving. This means that the gears are shifted efficiently without having to press the clutch pedal. The cruise control remains active during ComfortShift gear changes.

MAN TipMatic® – optimum safety through straightforward operation

In busy urban traffic, when manoeuvring or when trying to find the right route, you can now forget about changing gears and fully concentrate on the road. The MAN TipMatic® shifts down to the right gear on time when driving on long uphill sections of motorway. The system also offers more traffic safety when travelling downhill: if the engine brake is actuated, the automated gearbox automatically selects the most appropriate gear to provide the full braking power of the MAN EVB engine brake. MAN TipMatic® Fleet, which works in automatic mode, and MAN TipMatic® Profi are also available. The TipMatic® Profi version can be operated fully automatically or manually via the touch-action lever on the steering wheel. A kick-down function is also available. The twelve-speed shift system features an optimised gear shifting strategy to significantly reduce diesel consumption.

MAN TipMatic® 2 with new gearbox functions

The MAN TipMatic® 2 semi-automatic gearbox provides three new fuel-saving gearbox functions for even better efficiency.

Idle Speed Driving enables comfortable driving at idling speed. This function allows the driver to manoeuvre the truck sensitively and with great precision or to "flow" comfortably in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the motorway.

With Speed Shifting the MAN TipMatic® 2 switches faster between the three highest gears 10, 11 and 12. This allows the gearbox to shift down faster on inclines and the tractive power is interrupted for less time. This maintains more momentum and the vehicle uses less fuel.

The EfficientRoll gearbox function saves fuel by fully exploiting slight downhill inclines on rolling sections and is therefore designed for slight downhill stretches of motorway or country roads.


Further information on the MAN TipMatic® 2

Wear-free sustained-action braking on request

The compact sustained-action brake (intarder), which is integrated in the gearbox housing, is the economical choice for use in long-haul transport. It has a low weight, is maintenance-free and offers economical advantages such as service brake preservation and a higher average transport speed. With minimised air-flow and standby losses, the sustained-action brake also saves fuel. The MAN PriTarder®, the world's first primary retarder ever to be integrated into the water circuit, is available on request for special applications for maximum braking power, even when travelling at a slow speed.

A stable chassis

The international long-haul transport industry is multi-faceted. So is the MAN TGX. MAN offers the entire range of vehicle solutions for all requirements and applications. TGX semitrailer tractors are available as two-axle vehicles with two wheelbases, with a number of permissible front axle loads, leaf/air and full air suspension and various fifth-wheel heights for Euro and high-volume trailers. The TGX semitrailer tractors are also available as three-axle vehicles with various wheelbases and heights, and with a leading and trailing axle.

Body-mounting capability – a good frame, a stable base

The frame, made from high-strength fine-grained steel, combines a high torsional strength and flexural rigidity with a low weight and good body-mounting capability. The completely free top edge of the frame allows all types of superstructures to be mounted quickly, easily and economically. The narrow hole pattern makes it possible to carry out subsequent extensions and conversions without the need for additional time-consuming drilling work. The modern paint system with environmentally friendly water-soluble paints guarantees reliable corrosion protection for all frame and chassis parts.

Three vehicle heights

MAN offers the TGX with a standard height, with a medium height for good ground clearance and as an ultra-low version with an extremely low top frame edge for high-volume transport.

Comfort with safety

All components of the TGX chassis have been designed with comfort, safety and economy in mind. The hypoid drive axle impresses with its light weight, high load capacity, a wide power range and long oil change intervals of up to 500,000 km. All axles have the HUB Unit, which enables simple and fast changing of the brake discs. This reduces downtimes and saves workshop costs.

Good suspension

MAN offer high diversity in suspension options for the TGX: from leaf/leaf to leaf/air or full air suspension. The robust and weight-optimised leaf suspension with parabolic springs, and the specially adapted shock absorber and stabiliser are characterised by excellent damping control and directional stability. The electronic ECAS air suspension control system guarantees a consistent ride height, regardless of the load. The level of the chassis can be lowered by 90 mm and raised by 190 mm in order to adjust the frame height precisely. A memory function allows two heights to be stored and is extremely easy to operate at the touch of a button.

The X-driver is the epitome of technical sophistication. It combines an A-arm and a stabiliser in a single component. The advantage: excellent driving, directional and vehicle stability and damping control, plus a lower vehicle weight and therefore higher payload.


* only in the heavy-duty range