MAN TGX in long-haul transport

XLX driver's cab

Full standing height, full comfort. The XLX cab is perfectly tailored to the fleet segment, a long-haul transport cab par excellence. The cab features a generously sized interior, an agreeable ambience and practical storage compartments. The cab comes with a comfortable bunk bed as standard; a second bed can be installed on request.

The advantages to you as the driver:

  • Large, wide interior
  • Large beds
  • Easy-to-reach storage areas above the windscreen
  • Low transmission tunnel – full standing height throughout the cab
  • Ample stowage space for the journey

The advantages to you as the company owner:

  • Cab suitable for all trailer types
  • Lower aerodynamic drag (fuel consumption) in connection with corresponding trailers in comparison with the XXL cab thanks to the lower front end
  • Lower overall height than the XXL cab – improved superstructure capability (e.g. cooling unit)
  • Weight advantage in comparison with the XXL cab with corresponding payload advantage
  • Problem-free resale thanks to its versatility

Note: Euro 5 cab version

  • Working comfort

    Perfection at a glance

    It is the driver who makes a journey efficient. His performance behind the wheel is key to reliable transport and safe, economical driving. And all this is made much easier when the workplace is perfectly tailored to the driver's needs.

    The displays are clearly laid out, the controls are arranged logically and can be reached easily. The height and inclination of the multifunction steering wheel can be infinitely adjusted and it can also be folded up. From the new MAN Media Truck (MMT) Advanced radio available as standard with optional navigation system, to the Traffic Message Channel (TMC) and large colour display, right through to the numerous practical storage compartments, every detail contributes to ergonomic perfection. The highlight is the central instrument cluster with LCD display, which provides the driver with all the relevant information. Various vehicle operating states and service information can be called up quickly and easily by means of the user-friendly menu guidance from the multifunction steering wheel.


    Back support for truckers

    Long hours behind the wheel shouldn't result in back pain. For this reason, the TGX offers extraordinarily high seating comfort. With numerous adjustment options, including the pneumatic height adjustment and vertical damper setting, the seat can be positioned to suit the driver's needs. Those who want to make the journey even more comfortable can also order the seat heating, a pneumatic lumbar support, side-contour and shoulder adjustment, a hydraulically dampened horizontal suspension or an adjustable seat cushion depth. The ultimate luxury is the air-conditioned seat, which produces a tempered flow of air in the seat cushion and the backrest to create a pleasant feeling of warmth. If it is hot, the seat produces a refreshing, unheated flow of air. The passenger's seat can be reclined all the way back — ideal for short breaks.


    A good working atmosphere

    The air-conditioning system with automatic temperature control guarantees comfortable air conditioning on board the MAN TGX. It is particularly quiet and the flow of air is distributed evenly without creating a draught. MAN diesel air heaters with a thermostat function are available for additional heating. An independent air-conditioner is also available, which maintains a preset temperature even when the engine is not running.

  • Living comfort

    A good night's sleep

    The day always starts better when you've slept well. The high-quality beds in the TGX with slatted frame and five-zone cold foam mattress promise truckers a good night's sleep. The elastic fabric cover of the replaceable mattress is washable and is made from breathable, hygienic materials. The lower bed measures a comfortable 1.71 square metres and the top bed 1.50 square metres — plenty of space to make yourself at home.

    Luggage rack and resting bunk in one

    The multifunction storage compartment, available as an alternative to the top bed, can hold around 200 litres and is ideal for clothes and bags. When it is fully folded out, the passenger can use it as a resting bunk when the vehicle is parked. For more free space, the multifunction storage compartment can be completely folded away.


    Keeping order made easy

    The storage concept on board the MAN TGX has been developed with this motto in mind. The large cabinets above the windscreen in the XXL and XLX cabs and the four DIN recesses in the storage compartment above the driver provide ample space for baggage and other equipment. The middle console provides a host of storage options with a glasses holder, a pen and beaker holder and generously sized drawers.