Technology & competence

GPS-controlled cruise control

The GPS-controlled cruise control MAN EfficientCruise® uses saved map material to detect upward and downward gradients in the route ahead. The truck thus drives automatically with special foresight, i.e. it can build up momentum in a targeted manner before an upward gradient and, at the end of the gradient, can coast over the hilltop at reduced speed.

The use of MAN EfficientCruise® in long-haul or distribution transport can reduce the fuel consumption by up to 6% - without time loss in transit. Even after many hours of driving, MAN EfficientCruise® can still open the throttle with exceptional sensitivity, allowing drivers to concentrate fully on their driving task.

Within the framework of a desired speed and speed tolerance selected by the driver, MAN EfficientCruise® calculates a speed suitable for consumption-optimised upward and downward travel on hills and adapts the driven speed accordingly.

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