Efficient operation

MAN TeleMatics® – your key to an efficient fleet

  • Reduce the fuel consumption of your fleet.
  • Optimise the usage of your vehicles.
  • Maximise the economy of your company.

Find out how it works here – with the telematics service package tailored to your specific requirements.

Your potential savings for diesel consumption

Increase the efficiency and reliability of your transport operations. MAN TeleMatics® enables you to optimise the operation of your fleet. Eliminate deadheading and detours. Fuel consumption can thereby be reduced by up to 10 percent.

Significant reduction of time in the workshop

Prevent wear on your vehicles – with the detailed MAN TeleMatics® vehicle deployment analysis. The service data supplied by the vehicles shows you at a glance when a service must be scheduled for what vehicle. The workshop can plan services well in advance – and at the same time you will increase vehicle availability and safety.

Time is money

MAN TeleMatics® shows all information relevant for efficient time management.

The display of remaining driving time makes driving and rest periods transparent. It allows you to plan your routes more efficiently.

MAN TeleMatics® pays – for every fleet

Reduced costs, increased efficiency – this primary principle is the basis for the development of MAN TeleMatics®, the intelligent solution from our range of MAN Solutions. Precise information in real time ensures the best possible fleet management. At any time, via PC or smartphone.

Stay informed – whatever the location of your vehicle

In addition to the driver data, you can also download the saved data from the digital tachographs and archive it as required by the legal regulations. Data can be sent to the MAN TeleMatics® central unit by remote control at any time regardless of the location of the vehicle.

Your efficiency is maximised.