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MAN ServiceContracts: ensuring costs are no longer variables

Reduce the risk of unexpected repair costs and take the pressure off your team by letting MAN handle the planning of service intervals and repair dates. This can lower your fleet costs effectively and increase its efficiency significantly. Thus unburdened and freed up, you can focus completely on your core activities. No matter which MAN service contract you choose, MAN has the right package for your needs. Also good to know: MAN service contracts are valid at more than 1500 MAN service centres throughout Europe, offering specialist staff and professional assistance at all times.


MAN service contract Comfort

This comprises all the service work and inspections listed in your vehicle's service plan. MAN also organises the contract management for you, thus taking administrative work off your hands. Of course this does not adversely affect your warranties or ability to file a complaint.


MAN service contract ComfortPlus

This covers all the services offered under the MAN service contract Comfort as well as the MAN powertrain warranty. Where necessary, this can also be extended to the MAN warranty for the entire vehicle.


MAN service contract ComfortSuper

This service and repair contract includes all servicing and inspections carried out within the framework of regular services as well as all wear-and-tear repairs and repairs to the vehicle as a whole. The full-service contract doesn't only cover the more costly aspects relating to your vehicle, but also the administrative work involved in contract management.

Flexible responses to your demands: optional supplementary services for MAN service contracts.

  • General options

    Focus on your core activities. We'll take care of the rest.

    Statutory measures

    • Comprises all the legally-stipulated official inspections used to ensure the roadworthiness of your vehicle.
    • Includes the main inspection and emissions-testing as well as safety checks


    • Checking and where necessary topping up liquids and lubricants between services of your vehicle as per the service plan
    • Scope individually determinable
  • Mobility options

    Remain mobile at all times – at a fixed price and with simple order processing.

    MAN breakdown service

    • Support from a breakdown vehicle
    • Flat-rate call-out fees for MAN Service Mobile24
    • Payment of all towing costs for transporting the vehicle to the nearest MAN garage
    • Europe-wide mobility for a fixed price

    Tyre service

    • Replacing and fitting tyres when they reach the minimum tread depth
    • Balancing
    • Part-payment of costs of damage

    Pick-up and return service

    • The collection of vehicles from an agreed location for regular servicing and wear-and-tear repairs at a MAN service centre as well as the subsequent return to the agreed location.
  • Upgrading and retrofitting options

    Every industry has its own requirements. We have appropriate solutions.

    Cooling units

    Services included depending on the chosen MAN service contract:

    • Servicing work as per manufacturer's instructions
    • Wear-and-tear repairs
    • Statutory measures
    • Available for all certified manufacturers


    Services included depending on the chosen MAN service contract:

    • Servicing work as per manufacturer's instructions
    • Wear-and-tear repairs
    • Statutory measures

Overview of MAN powertrain repairs

Engine case

With oil sump, cylinder liners, timing case with gears, PTO engine


Cylinder head

With valve parts, valve guide, head gasket


Crankshaft drive

With crankshaft, crankshaft bearing, connecting rod, connecting-rod bearing, piston with piston rings and pistonpin bearing, torsional vibration damper, counterbalancing gearbox, V-belt drive, ring gear on flywheel


Interaction of engine components

With camshaft and its bearings, camshaft drive, tappet, tappet rods, rocker arm and its bearings


Injection system

With injection pump, injection pump drive, pressure lines, injection nozzle


EDC control unit


Turbo charger

With exhaust gas turbine, oil pipe, turbine wheel and shaft


Intake/exhaust manifold

With bolts and screws


Engine brake

EGR module


Cooling system

With coolant pump, fan/fan mounting, with PriTarder


Engine lubrication

With oil pump, oil pump drive, oil cooler, oil pipes

Gearbox housing

With housing cover



With bearings, gears, synchroniser, drive flange


Splitter box

With housing, gears, shafts, synchroniser


Range-change group

With housing, planetary gear, bearings, synchroniser


Shifting devices in the gearbox for splitter boxes and range-change groups

With gear lever, gear shaft, shift finger, shift rods, shift forks including sliding blocks, locks



With housing, gears, shafts and bearings, shift sleeve, shift fork, sliding blocks, seals


Lubrication system

With oil pumps, oil cooler


Hydraulic retarder

With housing, turbo chargers, bearings, pump


TipMatic control unit


With housing, pump and turbine rotors, bearings


Manually operated gearbox housing

With housing, gears, shafts, clutches, bearings, pumps, switch wafer housing, oil sump, drive flange


Gearbox brake

Hydraulic gearbox brake

Gearbox housing

With gears, shafts, bearings, claw clutches, oil pump, driven and drive flanges, compensation with lock, mountings and fasteners

Axle housing

With crown wheel and bevel gear including bearings, differential housing with gears and shafts, differential lock with shift fork and pneumatic cylinder, drive shafts, through-drive bearings, drive flanges, oil pumps


Planetary gear

With housing, planetary set, bearings, cover



With housing, balance bearings


With vibration damper, intermediate bearing and mountings


Auxiliary brake (electrical/hydraulic)

MAN HydroDrive® PTO outer disc, MAN HydroDrive® steering knuckle and MAN HydroDrive® wheel hub motor, MAN HydroDrive® control unit, high-pressure lines, hydraulic pump/feed pump, air and oil cooler units, oil cooler for MAN HydroDrive ®, MAN HydroDrive® hydraulic pump on PTO, pump block/valve block

With vibration damper, intermediate bearing and mountings