Maintenance & parts

MAN ServiceCare® – Increased efficiency through proactive maintenance management

Ever increasing cost pressure makes efficiency gains and savings a central concern in international goods transport and passenger transport. Regular vehicle maintenance therefore always impacts on vehicle operability and ultimately on overall fleet operating costs. In order to cut these costs and better coordinate and manage the schedules required, MAN ServiceCare® offers an innovative package of services for proactive maintenance management. By transferring the planning and undertaking of maintenance work to the participating MAN service points, you can get back to concentrating on your core business while also maximising operating times and significantly cutting repair and administration costs.


In order to use MAN ServiceCare® your vehicles must be equipped with appropriate MAN TeleMatics® hardware and the BASIC service package must be activated. The data required is transferred online to the MAN maintenance data portal.


The MAN maintenance data portal provides an overview of all time-, distance- and wear-based maintenance data, which is then forwarded automatically and by e-mail to the MAN service point.


In the MAN service point, all the maintenance schedules required for your vehicles are proactively bundled and planned – including ensuring the supply of parts and the availability of specialist staff.


To reduce downtimes and optimise maintenance, the MAN service point calls you to let you know about approaching schedules and coordinates them with you.


Cutting operating costs and increasing profit

If you want to cut your overall fleet costs, there is a large number of variables that can help you do just that. Three of these, representing more than 50 % of the TCO (Total Costs of Ownership), are included in the proactive maintenance management of MAN ServiceCare® alone. The cost savings that can be made through these variables can be further boosted by combining them with other MAN services.

1) Fuel costs – can be cut through consistent maintenance management and fine-tuned vehicle technology.

2) Admin costs – can be cut by outsourcing maintenance management to the MAN service point.

3) Maintenance & repair costs – can be reduced through the lower risk of failure and unscheduled repairs.